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I never know which verb tense to write these in. Is it First, Second, or Third person? What does my choice and writing style, or this photo of my son and I, tell you about me?

I have spent the last 3.5 years establishing and scaling IBM Design. I came in as 'Employee 12,' and One of Four Design Principals. After serving in that capacity for two years I took on a role as a Design Director, and remain in that role today where I run a team of over 40 Designers, Researchers, and Front End Developers.  

I live in Austin. I spend most of my time chasing after my two kids. I see myself as a Designer that thinks like a Researcher, behaves like a strategist, and draws a lot because:

  • It keeps me grounded as a practitioner
  • It is easier to articulate complex things quickly 
  • I can draw much faster than I can explain things
  • This encourages other people to collaborate
  • I enjoy it, and so should everyone else


twitter : whereismeersman

instagram : red_squadron