A designeR of Experiences

A good amount of what is on this page is work that I have personally designed. For all other work I have either led the delivery team, or was a member of the team that delivered the experience in question. This is a purposeful subset of artifacts across years of work, showcasing both breadth and depth of projects and products. 


The Client Brief showed interest in making 'Pinterest meets Instagram' for their Sketching application, the Samsung sNote. The application remains in production Samsung devices that ship with a stylus. Here you can see samples of how I sketched out early stage flows and methods of interaction, leading to more concrete wireframes that explore the balance of Search and Browse experiences. 



A comprehensive mobile Website redesign was called for in 2011--it had to share componentry and content with the mobile application set to launch later in the year. Three concepts were designed and prototyped for testing, each targeted for a specific type of user with different needs, behaviors, and goals. Both Authenticated and Unauthenticated states had to be solved for, alongside Agent locators, Product Landing Pages, and an improved Accident Help experience. 


This was a Vehicle Ecosystem pitch, a clickthrough of the story of Claire was told through multiple devices. The narrative in question was put together around Claire, a not-so-soccer Mom.  The goal was to reinforce thought leadership via a 'future vision,' 3-5 years out from 2012. The In-Vehicle interface, mobile consumer application, and service bay application all worked together to enable an easier, simpler way for Claire to obtain a higher level of customer service. This would have been enabled by a common back end system for vehicle owners and dealership services to coordinate repairs and maintenance--all with a common look and feel, designed for repurpose.  


MSA Safety Incorporated could have been just another pedestrian Hybris or Endeca implementation. By leveraging a mature, simplified approach to the browsing and searching experience the User is able to navigate a complex product catalog with ease and confidence. This took a rich understanding of safety regulation, product lifecycle, and purchase intent. This site, designed by a visual designer and I, can be seen here. 


Working with a Resistive, but not Capacitive, screen attached to a surgical device intended to be used in over 150 countries had it's interaction challenges. This required an interface that was as 'flat' as possible to reduce drilldown menus. Development by offshore engineers required some late nights and significant detail in terms of delivery. I partnered with a visual designer for the icon system but did all of the UX and production work myself. 


As of 2017 Belk remains the nation's largest privately owned mainline department store with more than 300 fashion department stores and sales totaling $3.5 billion. In 2009 I led the largest multi-channel Persona project at Acquity Group, involving several shop-a-longs, in home interviews, and visits at over a dozen stores. This data was combined with online surveys and diary projects to create a truly multi-faceted view of their customer base--still in use today.  

Personas weren't the only deliverable from the project. This engagement extended into Digital Strategy, involving the creation of shopper journeys, affinity maps, and identification of opportunities to act on across both the bricks-and-mortar and online spaces. The results of this project were a clear set of recommendations and next steps that I shared in person with the Belk brothers themselves. 


Throughout my career I have conducted research on Ergonomics and Human Factors for products ranging from office environments and seating to wearable electronics. At both Herman Miller at Motorola I worked on multidisciplinary teams to contribute to several award-winning products. Each required varying degrees of involvement with prototypes at different stages of product development.  

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