Data, intuition, and interpretation

Thought Leadership 

I started this year off strong by spending a week in Las Vegas attending the Consumer Electronics Show. I was interviewed as a part of this effort. I have given better on-camera interviews.

Either way, the resulting video was placed onto the company blog. This led to the creation of a booklet that has since been used with clients to inform them of technology trends and how they might affect their brands. 

The role of strategy relative to User Experience

In my opinion, providing guidance and direction requires more than conducting Stakeholder Interviews, identifying Key Performance Indicators, and writing of Requirements. Being a strategic partner means going beyond deliverables and providing insight into: process improvements, governance, and alternative workflows to optimize delivery ranging from customer service and sales to logistics and supply chain. It should involve holistic thinking delivered across device and product ecosystems. 

All of this comes with a plan, of course. Above you will find examples of deliverables generated on multiple projects to simplify process and clarify intent. 

Social Engagement

Adjacencies between core business and infrequent, but high visibility events (natural disasters) can provide opportunities. Whereas the client wasn't necessarily asking for anyone to explore this, I saw a need and delivered a tiered solution to increase brand exposure. 

Opportunity Mapping


Knowing your customer is one thing. The current state can be easily measured based on a multiple sources of customer and consumer data. I took Demographics and combined them with attitudinal preferences and purchasing behavior to shift context. This graphic provides a clear understanding as to potential opportunities for addressing emerging segments. Targeting these potential users of products and services was done via the digital channel with a combination of messaging, applications, and microsites--all of which should be (ideally) part of a multi-channel campaign to generate awareness and increase the brand's visibility.  


Experience Strategy

After identifying the current state of a site via Content Audit, Site Map, and Heuristic Evaluation an approach to redesigning the client's site was advised on. Additionally, an examination of existing testing led to identification of process improvements.  


I have been involved in several such projects. The best of which involved a combination of Quantitative and Qualitative research methods to create a comprehensive Digital Strategy. This was then used to prioritize projects and inform a broader, multi-year roadmap.