Here you can see work from time spent in my career as a Director, Principal, or Designer. 


One way to define Transformation is Change. When viewed through this lens everything designed has undergone a Transformation of sorts. The design process itself is a Transformation, as it addresses an issue for a user or consumer. It is also iterative in nature, essentially a state of constant transformation. I enjoy Transformation, as I see this as creative problem solving. 


A lot of companies spend time finding designers with certain traits—one with a 'Minor' or 'Major' skill set, or even the popular 'T-Shaped Designer.' I am a UX practitioner that specializes in Transformation. In my career I have designed Organizations, Business Integrations, and User Experiences. Today I am the leader of a team of design strategists, but I have also been both a practitioner and an educator.


I am currently the Director of Design Strategy for the Hybrid Cloud portfolio, which consists of over 15o designers. Previous to this position I was the Director of Design for the Watson Financial Services portfolio. I have spent half of my career at IBM as a Design Director delivering experiences that incorporated Artificial Intelligence, either as standalone Watson Products or Services. I have also shipped Services in the Analytics and Data Storage spaces. One way to think about me is I deliver experiences for users of Artificial Intelligence, and those that leverage aspects of what is commonly referred to as Big Data. 


I was hired on at IBM Design four years ago as one of six Design Principals. Our job was to scale the practice of Design Thinking and to support the growth of the studio. In this role I helped train a ‘bootcamp’ of 60 early career professionals, hire over 300 more, contribute to a global Design Language, and personally educate over 1000 IBMers in Design Thinking. I was also responsible for the deployment of designers, monitoring project health, and regularly running workshops on Design Thinking. 

A designer of experiences 

Before IBM Design I spent years delivering Design, Research, and Strategy work—both in-house, and as a consultant. I have done a lot of interesting work in a variety of different spaces.