I fly all over the US about 1/4 of the time. I also enjoy a bit of Europe when I can. 

I live in Austin

I really like it here and would prefer to stay here. I moved to Austin, about four years ago to help build and scale the IBM Design organization. Before that I spent three and a half decades in the midwest doing all sorts of things. Like keeping warm and being half-interested in sports. 


but i enjoy getting out and about

Whereas I love me some Austin, I find it rewarding to see the rest of the country. And the rest of the world. Travel, if nothing else, is fantastic people-watching. I will never want a position where I travel constantly, but would also not want one that involves absolutely no travel. I believe in balance, and being exposed to different ways of thinking.

i can work anywhere

Noise-cancelling headphones are magical. That said, physical colocation with coworkers is the best way to work with others. But it's not always that easy, as talent tends to be distributed. My standpoint is that successful remote collaboration involves much more than phone calls, that this is a two-way street, and that sometimes you need to get on flights to make things work.