I have been fortunate to work on really interesting projects with talented people. You can download my Resume here

I AM a squarepeg generalist

I have a degree in Industrial Design but only ever did a bit of freelance in the field. I found my passion for Research working at Herman Miller, then freelanced in that capacity for a few years trying to figure out why my career path looked more like a maze than a straight line. I took a Consumer Research gig at Walgreens corporate to confirm that I did not like focus groups. I found my way to Motorola where I worked on wearables and IOT solutions....before they were cool. Then I went into Digital Agencies to speed up my delivery pace and work under pressure. I did more freelance with really talented people. Then I went to IBM Design to start the world's largest corporate design studio. I now embrace a meandering path that allows me to go where my interests are.  

i DO have a life outside of work

I enjoy doing Bikram Yoga as often as I can make it to class. I love to ride bicycles, and own two too many. I have a wife, two adorable kids, and a Great Pyrenees