I am a longtime practitioner that has moved into leadership. I know what it takes to deliver, and I have a high bar in terms of quality. 

I like to build things 

IBM Design was my first experience building an organization from scratch. I was employee number 12, one of Six Design Principals. I learned a lot while running the first bootcamp of 60 new hires, running five day ‘Designcamp’ workshops every other week for 18 months, screening portfolios and interviewing candidates on a weekly basis. Sometimes I led and sometimes I followed, but I refuse to let anyone think it this was successful because of anything but a team effort. 


I have found that if I am at my best when intellectually and/or creatively challenged. This is just how I'm wired, I suppose. I do think this trait makes me particularly effective when it comes to managing mulitple projects. I enjoy bouncing from one conference room to another almost as much as slowing things down to critique interaction paradigms that address inherent complexity. If I don't have interesting things to work on and new problems to solve it's nowhere near as fun. 

And to learn things

These lessons combined with years of integrating Design with Development and Product Management have provided me with a unique skill set. To date I have educated over 1,000 IBM employees on Design Thinking. I have run workshops with as few as five and as large as 300 participants (to be fair I had 25 support facilitators on the big one). 

While Delivering

As a director I have been shuffled around in internal re-orgs. In the process I have shipped over two dozen Services onto Bluemix, over half of them infused with Watson capabilities. I have run teams that have delivered over nine products across three portfolios. 

It’s all about the people

I really enjoy building teams, mentoring young designers, and shipping product. I have had the pleasure of having a total of over 100 Designers report to me across six countries in the last two years. There have been a few re-orgs (I ran design for three Divisions of two different Business Units) resulting in shifting of team sizes. 


People shape the culture

I take culture very seriously, and firmly believe that a team creates it for themselves. This leads to fantastic results. People are more satisfied when they are learning on the job and contributing to shipping product they can put in their portfolios. Everyone has fun, bonds over the speed bumps and roadblocks. The outcomes to market are of higher quality.  

quality outcomes have measurable impact

I don't need to be John Maeda to tell you about the impact of design (still cited via tiny print on his 2017 report). There are lots of people smarter than me studying this sort of thing. Look at Net Promoter Score as a tool, as it creates some objective measurements. Maybe look at your mobile phone. Or look at revenue from companies that value design (DMI slide below), as that's an awfully important metric. It goes without saying I am an evangelist for the practice of Design and it's integration with Business.