My name is Joseph but you can call me Joe. 

I have had many titles over the years. Industrial Designer, User Experience Designer, Senior Human Factors Researcher, Associate Experience Director, Studio Lead, Design Principal, and Design Director. I have spent my career building products and shipping experiences.  I am currently creating a scalable and sustainable Design Strategy practice at IBM in the Hybrid Cloud portfolio. Before taking on this role I had more than 50 designers working for me across four countries as the Director of Design for the Watson Financial Services portfolio. 

What I do  

I have designed experiences across: Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Commerce, Oil & Natural Gas, and Telecom. Today I find creative ways for users to apply Artificial Intelligence.  

How I do it

I collaborate on Strategy and Delivery with my partners from Development and Product Management. I focus teams of designers on maintaining targeted deliveries at scale. 

Who i am

As far as I am aware there are few people that have something close to my background and experience. You can learn a lot by looking beyond a resume, but you can find that here.