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My name is Joseph, but you can call me Joe

Hello and welcome. Whereas there are some files that will need to remain under password protection, you should be able to get a good sense for my skills, background, and some sample deliverables. The structure of the site will align with the categories below.



Samples of User Experience Design output at various stages of development. In this section you will better understand how I approached projects.



I am no longer a 'Researcher,' strictly speaking. This does not prevent me from identifying how designs can benefit from multiple types of data.



If you don't know why you are working toward a goal then it's hard to get started. I think Designers need to think like strategists to solve holistic problems. 



At some point, if you happen to be interested, you will want to see specific examples of work. I keep these under lock and key, so just ask nicely.

You could say I'm addicted to problem solving

But not in a bad way....it is simply a way of life for me, if I am not working on addressing user needs I get bored. I have been either in-house, or a consultant for each of the companies below.



This one hurts a bit, but I can't show much that I have completed in recent years. A good amount is currently in production--the majority of which has been focused on Analytics and the application of Machine Learning to Enterprise Software. Before joining IBM I had been leading multi-disciplinary teams in the re-design of several mobile websites and applications for Fortune 50 companies. 


What am I working on today, and what might I be looking to work on? Well, I am looking to find a new home, so to speak.  I have decided to search for the best organizational fit for my skills, and to explore my options. I'm hoping to find an opportunity to continue to lead multidisciplinary design teams to create compelling user experiences. I enjoy mentoring Designers in various stages of their career path. I am currently a Design Director at IBM in the Watson Finance business Unit, where I manage over 40 Designers across three countries. I am currently based in Austin, Texas. 

Twitter : whereismeersman

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